MyPayPal Landing Page Redesign

Design brief

Our task is to redesign the MyPayPal Page - think of a new approach for the MyPayPal website

  • It is important to separate For You and For Business segments. Client wanted For You and For Business cards to incorporate photographs (not glyphs) - Choose a stock photo (for mockup) that will depict For You (Consumer) segment and For Business (Merchant) segment. This page is for India, so look for stock photos with Indian talents.
  • The client did not like this approach as it veering away from the current look of PayPal – it has too much colors
  • See competitors –,
  • Create a small presentation deck about your design – explain why/how you came up with that design.
  • You can use a different but similar font for the meantime.

Competitor research

  • Tailored for merchant (business) users
  • Visual language design uses ‘stripes’ and ‘slanted’ elements
  • Does not use a human element or real environment images
  • Uses flat graphics and subtle icon animations
  • Call to action for creating an account and contacting sales support equally visible

  • Tailored for merchant (business) users
  • Uses human and real environment images but focusing on the use of the gadget/platform they offer
  • Cluttered content and not really clear on the information hierarchy
  • Use of flat iconography similar to Paypal and limited brand colors

Paypal — Other regions (US/UAE)
  • US:
    • Homepage seems to be tailored for personal account creation and not really highlighting the merchant / business aspect
  • UAE:
    • Homepage content is structured neatly and highlight individual (personal), businesses and partner/developers
    • Personal and business types of information are split into each inner subpages and makes the homepage leaner in providing information to the user


After doing some competitor research as well as checking out some regional Paypal homepages, there are differences in each website’s approach in highlighting core features of their platform.

Paypal’s India landing page should be redesigned in a way that it would convey the two segments information as simple as possible.

tradegecko old contact page

Previous pitch for Paypal India’s landing page. This has too much colors and veers away from Paypal’s brand identity

Design Process

Looking at the different Paypal regional websites, I particularly saw one region having similar business focus comapared to Paypal India’s brief. With market and cultural experience in UAE, I presumed that Paypal fosued on the same to highlight Personal, Business, and Partner/Developer segments since merchants dominance in this region are Indians in ethnicity (Indian population here is half of the total of the country’s population). They would have the same behaviour towards looking at information as they are in India. Also noticed that in the current Paypal India hompage, they have a secondary colour (purple/pink) that distinguished itself from the other regional sites I checked.

Did some rough sketches for the site wireframes and dcecided to break down the content heirarchy into subpages as it follows other Paypal hompages. Starting with what Paypal does and focusing at once on the client’s request to display the ‘For You’ and ‘For Business’ segments under a new menu category ‘My Paypal’.

I used Sketch app for the high fidelity mockups and Invision for the simple user flow.

tradegecko old contact page

Quick user flow of the My Paypal landing page.

Redesigned Page

Clicking the first 2 main CTA’s will anchor to its specific section below the page.

As per the brief , I placed human elements/images with Indian ethnicity on the set of features for the ‘For you’ and ‘For business’ categories.

This approach I believe is simpler but still adheres to Paypal India’s color scheme. I also segmented the sections below to have better distinction between the two types of features using contrast on colours.


Created the High fidelity mockups in Invision and uploaded Desktop and Mobile screen views.

Invision prototype links:

Desktop | Mobile

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